Where your creative ideas come alive is where Winnoven partners with you to take them far beyond the next level.

There's no limit with the possibilities our innovative and venture minded talent at Winnoven can go. Give us your ideas and together we will make your dreams a reality. 



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Musicians Plus Club

Bringing all the people in the music industry together.

The Musicians Plus Club not only promotes Musicians, it promotes people in all areas of the music industry. Music, Teachers & Schools, Music Production Specialist, Scouts, Promoters and more. A place the music industry worldwide can join together. To not only build friendships, but create and use their profile to market themselves to thousands of users on the site.

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Winnocom is a new multi-vendor e-commerce platform where you can buy all the things you need in the in the comfort of your home, with more payment options and hassle-free services 

We aim to be the one of the best online shopping platforms throughout the globe by improving our services and creating innovations for a more-exciting online shopping experience,

Through Winnocom, you can buy apparel, food supplies, gadgets, and many more. We offer a secure transaction and 24 hours services with our platform and fast affordable shipping and deliveries. We also assure you of the best customer service where respect and kindness are the key values. You can also send your suggestions and complaints and we will be willing to help you right away.

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Music Industry Members


Artist from different parts of the world that are ready to share their talent and experiences can be seen through our musicians list.

Music Teacher

Music teachers that ready to help you improve your skills with the expertise.

Record Labels

Find the perfect record label that you can partner with for your future projects record through our Record Label list.




As the digital era develops, we need fresh and young minds to create unique and innovative ideas. In exchange for their talent, we will be providing a fun learning experience and a healthy environment, that will help them shape their skills into their greatest potential and develop their social skills for the real-world work environment.

Through a partnership with schools, we aim to help develop students into a career-ready future. We will cater to them with activities and projects that would start up their career and  hone their skills.

Under Winnoven are six present departments, mainly; Human Resources, Financing & Accounting, Marketing Management, Digital Sales, Project Managers, Digital Gaming/ VR Metaverse, Website Development and E-Commerce.

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University Internship Partners

Certificate Of Recognition

This certificate was given to the Winnoven Inc on May 27, 2022 for supporting and being active during the Virtual Job Fair 2022 of Malayan Colleges Mindanao.